Working with celebrities

Have you ever worked with someone famous?

I did for years thanks to my career in radio. If a celebrity had a new album, film, book, movie, whatever – they wanted to come on my show to talk about it.

However, it was only when I set up my own Artist Management company that I truly got close to the stars, working with them on their great days and their dreadfully bad days too!

I used to look after C-list stars (OK, you might call some of them Z-list stars). They were the X-Factor contestants who got to Judges Houses but never made it to the Live Shows.

They were the Big Brother stars who made an impact on the show and got tabloid headlines for their antics but didn’t make the top three finalists when it came to the public vote.

I also managed some ex soap stars who you would recognise and stop for a selfie if you happened to be a fan of the show they were in a few years ago.

Put it this way, when Daz washing powder rolled out their ‘ex-soap star’ TV campaign, they came to me. It was a very profitable run for me and the artists I was managing at the time!

The interesting thing about working with famous people is it’s not clear who’s in charge. Pop stars and Reality TV stars thought I was working for them as their Manager and I thought they were working for me as Artists.

What makes it work is the partnership element in the relationship. It doesn’t matter who’s in charge, as long as both parties understand the goals and work together to achieve the best outcomes.

I once broke a celebrity out of rehab in the middle of the night so he could be on set for an MTV shoot the next day – now that was an intense partnership! I should point out, we had help from one of the councillors who felt taking a decent job would do him the world of good and boost his confidence – it did.

I have continued this partnership ethos at Gosh Promo UK. We work with clients side by side in partnership to achieve the best results. Brand Awareness, In Store Sales, Market Research – we work hard to understand your business needs so we can work together towards success.

We also see our relationship with 3200 Brand Ambassadors on our books as a partnership. Gosh Promo UK has Promotions and Event Staff in every UK Town and City – as you can imagine we spend a lot of time communicating and working with our ambassadors! We also have a fantastic two way relationship with over 100 Event Managers UK wide.

These are people. Brilliant, positive, engaging, committed, happy people. We love them and we realise Gosh Promo UK must work in partnership with Brand Ambassadors and Event Managers to get the best result for both parties, the same way we work in partnership with our clients to achieve the best outcome.

Why not see how we can partner up with your business, brand or service to achieve great things so we both share the success?

Please contact me direct, Gosh Promo UK would love to be part of your future growth…

…but I can’t promise I’ll break you out of rehab!

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