Why are you at work?

Let’s face it, you enjoy working for companies, people or clients because of their values.

It is a few amazing short stories that inspired the values at Gosh Promo UK.

Believe me, the whole team here know our values and stick by them every day. They sum up our company ethos and explain not just who we are and what we do but why we do it.

CLIENT FACING (Gosh Promo UK value #1)

My favourite hotel to stay at on holiday is in Dubai. Al Qasr is not the newest, biggest or most expensive hotel but for me it is the best as it’s the most Client Facing.

The staff always greet you before you have the chance to say anything to them. They are tasked with saying good morning / afternoon / evening and use your name before you can say hello first. Walking to your room, going to the restaurant, out at the pool. Before you can say hello they always smile and greet you first. How every staff member knows I am ‘Mr.Hayes’ within 2-hours of arriving I have no idea but it happens!

The most impressive Client Facing attribute is no matter what you ask of the staff, they are not allowed to say NO. The word NO is banned from their vocabulary when they are at work. Imagine if this was the case for you – initially you might think it impossible to work with!

Instead of saying NO the staff at Al Qasr will listen to what you are asking and promise to do everything in their power to – at the very least – investigate the options. This actually does two things; First it makes you feel valued as a customer. Second it opens up creative thinking as to how the staff might meet your request, no matter how crazy or outrageous it might be!

One of the times I was staying there the family in the suit next to me had a 7-year old girl who was very ill, she was in a special medical bed and the hotel doctor checked on her each day. She was only allowed out of her room for a limited time and her favorite thing was to go in the shallow end of the swimming pool and splash about with her sister.

The last two days of her stay she had become more ill and the doctor said she can’t leave her medical bed at all. As you can imagine she was pretty down in the dumps. Her father told me on one of the little girl’s last days she asked the room cleaner; “I’m not allowed to leave as I’m too ill, is there any way you can please put the swimming pool in my bedroom?”

Imagine what went through the cleaners head, obviously the only answer to the question is NO! However, he wasn’t allowed to say NO and told the little girl he’d bring this request up with his manager.

Early the next day I passed the swimming pool on the way to the hotel gym and saw a team of staff with the hotel doctor putting out two bedside tables, one of the rugs we all have in our bedrooms and they were setting up what looked like medical bed complete with drips and electrics.

They couldn’t put the swimming pool in the girls bedroom so they took her bedroom to the swimming pool! She got to enjoy being by the pool instead of just stuck in her room.

If the cleaner had replied with a simple ‘no sorry’ this never would have happened. That blew my mind and made me realise doing everything to put the client first can mean coming up with creative alternatives.

That’s why to be Client Facing is one of the values at Gosh Promo UK.

POSITIVITY (Gosh Promo UK value #2)

Positive people do better in life. Relationships, health, career, business. Positive people just do better and probably enjoy life a lot more!

You’ll know that in London there are buskers everywhere, including some illegal buskers who jump on and off the tube and perform in the hope of collecting a handful of coins from busy commuters.

Whatever your views on illegal buskers (the ones who do not have an official pitch) whether it’s playing the saxophone, beatboxing or strumming the banjo it’s clear that the talents range from good to bad to ugly.

The only thing illegal buskers all have in common is that nobody ever seems to give them any money – even the good ones! However, I was on the tube earlier this week and on walked DeShawn. He is without doubt one of the most positive people I have ever met in my life.

He stepped onto that tube carriage at Piccadilly Circus like it was the main stage at Wembley Arena. This was his show, this was his audience, this was his time! Looking slightly odd and out of place with an enormous smile on his face he shouted; “London! I’m going to give you the performance of your life! 5,4,3,2,1 Let’s Goooo!”

He then proceeded to do the worst tap dance and singing routine I have ever seen or heard in my life. It was awful and out of tune! The taps of his shoes were totally out of time with the lyrics – he was doing Ricky Martin’s ‘Livin La Vida Loca’.

As he performed he had the biggest smile and the brightest eyes. He tap danced up and down the tube shaking each of our hands and looking at each of us in the eye, he gave a real glimpse into his own personal world – a positive, upbeat attitude that meant he felt he can beat the odds and be the best performer on the planet, even with his obvious lack of skill and talent.

Despite his dreadful show, he got a round of applause and everybody put something in has cap. Positive people do better at life and I believe enjoy it so much more – that’s way Positivity is one of our values at Gosh Promo UK.

CLARITY IN COMMS (Gosh Promo UK value #3)

This story is either going to make you laugh, cry, or feel a bit sick! It shows why Clarity In Communication is so important.

A friend of mine in Yorkshire told me about a big steel business. They once needed a large number of pipes each measuring 20ft long, they were made from a very specific material so not that easy to find. The procurement team felt they had found the best option and it was from a firm that had 20 separate 1ft long pipes in this rare material. They ordered the 20 pipe pieces and decided they would weld them together once they arrived.

This wasn’t ideal and it took up resources but it is what they had to do on this particular order. As time went on they needed more and more of these pipes and ended up spending a huge sum of money on buying in bundles of 1ft pipes that they would weld together into one continuous 20ft pipe.

This went on and on over a long period of time and once in the system the format was rolled out to sister steel businesses in America and China.

It was only when visiting their supplier one day they found out that the pipes actually arrive in one 20ft piece to begin with. The supplier was cutting them into 1ft pipes, sending them to the steel businesses who were then sticking them together to make them into a 20ft pipe again.

Can you imagine how they felt when the discovered this!!?!

It had been going on for many months at high volume, enormous bulk orders. When you add up the extra money that was paid out for the supplier to cut these pipes and the steel businesses to spend time welding them back together it amounted to almost £100,000 over all that time.

One phone call to gain more of an understanding from all parties could have saved so much time, stress and cash!

Communication is key and at Gosh Promo UK we pride ourselves in keeping clients up to date with progress, feedback from the field and the latest data from campaigns. We also know that Clarity In Comms is vital between our office and our teams out on site.

Event Staff, Brand Ambassadors, In Store Sales Reps or Market Research Teams. They all need to know your exact objectives, they need to be able to raise feedback from the ground quickly to ensure the smooth running of your campaigns. We make sure we have open communication with our clients and staffers at all times.

That’s why Clarity in Comms is one of our values at Gosh Promo UK.

My team certainly know what our core values are. Why not put us to the test by seeing if we can help your business or brand? We have Promotions and Event Staff in every UK Town and City and would love to be part of your marketing strategy.

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