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Thousands of students start at University in the UK every September. There are roughly 2.3 Million students across the UK (according to HESA). Every year they collectively spend over £23 billion, covering both essential and luxury items. While this is spread out throughout each term as students receive their financial aid, they still have a disposable income. If a student wants something, they buy it. Students spend £3.5 billion of this figure on food items (such as regular shopping, junk food and takeaways), £2 billion on social activities, and a further £2 billion on non-essential luxuries (such as clothes and entertainment). £7.5 billion goes on non-essential items.

48% of students plan on using brands they hadn’t used before because of Freshers Fairs. These events take place every September and October, with students attending for a variety of reasons. New students want to gain information about the new city as well as find new brands, products and services as they make their own purchasing decisions for the first time.

According to a report by Times Higher Education, A whopping 93% of students move to a new city for University, leaving just 7% at home with their usual brands. This makes targeting students easy with new and unfamiliar brand names and products. Your brand must stand out among the others. Freshers fairs are busy and cramped places. Your brand must compete. A massive 67% of students attend Freshers Fairs for freebies alone, and another 25% go for the offers and discounts they receive.

In recent years, the top three brands (Domino’s, Nando’s and Pizza Hut) have been voted the best stalls at Freshers Fairs due to their freebies. This advantage draws 58% of students to the brand. Another 44% were brought in by the interactive and eager Brand Ambassadors. It is important to remember that while freebies show off your product or service, 92% of consumers trust the opinions of Brand Ambassadors over any other advertising. Furthermore, 80% of brands find that face-to-face experiential is the best form of targeting students.

Research by Campaign Live shows 87% of students want brands to entertain them at Freshers Fairs and give them some kind of experience. This is why students pick up brands that influence their university experience. Freshers Fairs are the perfect way to establish this connection. While students find that food and drink brands are their favourites, 33% of students desire more brands in this sector at Freshers Fairs. Likewise, fashion brands are missed at these fairs, with a further 41% expecting more of these.

This year Gosh Promo UK has represented huge brands at Freshers Fairs including Domino’s, Tim Hortons, Student Roost and Capital FM. If you haven’t done anything to promote your brand to students yet – you could consider promoting your brand in January 2019 at ReFreshers. These events are smaller but a great way to capture students after Christmas break.



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