ONE down, ELEVEN to go – WELL DONE!

It’s official, if you haven’t guessed already, January is the most popular month of the year to quit your job. However, you are still here working away so well done for getting through this first month!

Why do so many people long for change in January? Over the festive period we seem to reset ourselves, take stock of where we are in our jobs and in life. We spend longer with family who have the time to talk to us and offer advice – wanted or otherwise – about where we should be going with our career. I also believe having time off at home makes us question things we don’t when we are away on holiday. The whole idea of chilling in the sun or skiing down the slopes is to specifically forget about the work in our lives. It’s different at home with more reality to our thoughts and feelings about where we are now, where we are going, where we want to be.

Throughout January I have spoken to so many people who think 2018 is going to be their year. Friends of mine who run small businesses, my nextdoor neighbour, my barber, clients of Gosh Promo UK who are determined their brand makes breakthrough. It seems everyone wants things to be bigger and better in 2018. Any cynicism around new year’s resolutions, goals and aspirations for the next 12 months has been replaced with a positive outlook, inspiring growth plans and big hairy audacious goals!

Do you have personal goals? Running a marathon, buying a house, a promotion at work, finally asking someone out? If not, I say join us! Think and feel about your goals for the rest of this year, write them down, be proud of them and share them. Be part of the 2018 movement like so many others.

The goal setters I speak to are not shy or reserved about what they want to achieve. They are shouting it from the rooftops; “I have a dream!” or “I have a new dream!” or “Don’t worry, this time it’s a better dream!”. Good luck to each and every one of them and also to you if you have a big plan for 2018. It could be an idea to bring to life, a brand to promote, a market to tap into, a passion to deliver a great service, a need to grow your client base.

Maybe this is the year to push your brand to breakthrough, increase your sales and beat all targets. Is it your year to make bold moves and invest your time and energy in promoting your business?

Some questions I hear being asked include; How do I promote my business Where do I get Brand Ambassadors from? Where do I hire Event Staff? Am I allowed to hand out flyers in the street to increase my sales?

I LOVE all this of course! It’s precisely what Gosh Promo UK is built on – helping others by promoting what they do. That’s we are the BEST at. Domino’s are the BEST at delivering pizza, they hire Gosh Promo UK to do their promotional campaigns. UNiDAYS are the BEST at offering online student discounts, they use Gosh Promo UK to provide staff at their events. In my opinion Fry’s are the BEST at creating accessible vegan and vegetarian meals, they ask Gosh Promo UK to provide their sampling staff.

What are you the BEST at? A better question might be; What will you be BEST at? How has 2018 started for you? Is it going to be your year? It could be!

Whatever your goals for 2018 I’d love to hear about them. I enjoy speaking to new people and love hearing about exciting stories or plans and projects. Plus, Gosh Promo UK can probably help! We have promotions and event staff in every UK town and city. Last year saw our ambassadors help businesses just like yours with sales and brand exposure. Event Staffing | Field Sales | In Store Sales | Street Promotion | Product Sampling |Market Research | Street Recruitment | Leafleting and Business Drops | Public Outreach and

We’re one month down with eleven months to go. Let’s use every month as best we can – we only get 12 a year!

As always, if you feel I can help please contact me direct 🙂

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