There’s no denying that pizza is one of Britain’s favourite foods. In fact Italian food is a favourite in general and the industry continues to grow as our hunger for the delicious taste of the mediterranean (or a version of it) continues to fuel the opening of more and more pizza stores.

The industry has seen this growth thanks to changes in consumer preference for affordability and convenience. Technology has also served this sector extremely well with the introduction of game-changing smartphone apps and interesting marketing campaigns, both on and off line. The hunt and push for the healthy lifestyle seems to have done little to dissuade people from eating this tasty meal as the market is still worth over £2.1 billion – and it’s safe to say it won’t be decreasing anytime soon!

Gosh Promo UK has been actively involved with many pizza campaigns over the last few years and it’s no exaggeration to say the public is in love with sample slices and redeemable discount codes.

One of the biggest and most successful areas for pizza growth is the student market. We typically attend 60 Freshers Fairs throughout September and October where up to 1,900 Brand Ambassadors promote and sample food and beverage products – mainly pizza!

With more health conscious consumers these days, changes to suit have evolved. Many pizza restaurants and takeaways are now offering more low calorie options, such as low fat cheese or a ‘hole-in-the-middle’ option which sees the centre of the pizza removed and filled with salad.

There’s a lot to be said for promoting your tasty product to the right markets. A certain app-based food ordering company saw their worldwide revenue increase from £18.1 million in 2015 to £277.1 million in 2017 – a whopping 1431% rise!

As you’d expect, with an increase in pizza revenues the consumption has increased too. The average purchase (per person, per week) of pizza in the UK looks like this:

2006 50g frozen or not frozen / 20g takeaway
2600g pizza per year / 1040g pizza per year

2017 57g frozen or not frozen / 29g takeaway
2.964kg pizza per year / 1.508kg pizza per year

The largest of the Gosh Promo UK campaigns is targeted with making nearly a million student engagements around the UK by giving out redeemable vouchers to use in store. This is then coupled with a verbal key sales message, such as ‘buy one get one free’ or ‘delivering until 5am’.

Our clients’ investment into the student market, planned around the Freshers period, delivers phenomenal returns throughout the whole academic year, typically 500% ROI.

According to Times Higher Education:

67% of students attend fairs for freebies and a further 25% go for offers and discounts.
An enormous 92% of consumers of brands trust the opinions of Brand Ambassadors they engage with who are demonstrating or talking about your brand, product or service.
48% of students say they try new brands at university and quickly develop brand loyalty.
65% of students total budget – £3.5 billion – is spent on groceries, entertainment and eating out or takeaways.

We couldn’t be talking about pizza without asking for favourite pizza toppings from around the GPUK office. We had some interesting ones and found Veggie Supreme, Pepperoni, Chicken Tex Mex and – as controversial as it is – Ham & Pineapple, to be the most popular!

Make the most of a fantastic opportunity to push your pizza brand into the student market at this years Freshers Fairs with a team of Gosh Promo UK Brand Ambassadors.

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