Days to go – we don’t mean Christmas!


Black Friday sales are still ongoing and Christmas is just around the corner. You may be wondering when your customers will be spending next. January sales will be looming but for students, January is the arrival of ReFreshers.


You only have days to go until we hit January, the month when thousands of students will be attending Freshers Fairs at their universities to sample brands and experiences.


ReFreshers allows students who started in September to rediscover brands they may have missed out on, as well as allowing the January intake of students to discover brands for the first time. 48% of students say they will try new brands at university and they quickly develop brand loyalty. The many examples include; 34% of students would change to a new supermarket throughout the year, while an impressive 28% would change technology brands.


According to Times Higher Education, 67% of students attend fairs for freebies and a further 25% go for the offers and discounts they receive. An enormous 92% of consumers of brands trust the opinions of Brand Ambassadors they engage with who are demonstrating or talking about your brand, product or service.


ReFreshers is the perfect time to engage students in your brand. Ideally placed within the January Sales season, UCAS reports that 3 out of 4 students are likely to shop more in the sales than other times in the year. Furthermore, 65% of students total budget – £3.5 billion – is spent on groceries, entertainment and eating out or takeaways. In fact, HESA found that £9.5 billion is spent by students on non essentials each year.


Research by Campaign Live shows 87% of students want brands to entertain them at Freshers Fairs and give them some kind of experience. This is why students pick up brands that influence their university experience. Freshers Fairs are the perfect way to establish this connection – which is why January and September are so important for the student market.


While students find that food and drink brands are their clear favourites, 33% of students desire more brands in this sector at Freshers Fairs. Likewise, fashion brands are missed at these fairs, with a further 41% of students expecting more of these.


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