Whether we’re frantically ransacking the house trying to find our masks, or carefully figuring out social-bubble logistics, there can be no doubt that Covid-19 has drastically changed all of our lives. Of course, the world of marketing and brand promotion has not been immune to these changes, and the disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected how businesses devise promotional strategies and conduct brand activations.

In light of the uncertainty which has plagued businesses in recent months, many companies have been left feeling confused, asking questions as to how they can possibly continue to build and promote their brand. You might be wondering: Can I still have brand ambassadors promoting my business? How do I continue to build my brand’s image throughout lockdowns? And ultimately, what contingencies are in place to protect my marketing investment if lockdowns occur? At Gosh Promo UK, we want to provide you with a peace of mind, helping you to take the first steps towards getting your brand back out in front of consumer eyes, whilst establishing and nurturing increasingly vital connections with your customer base.

To accommodate the ever-changing situation we find ourselves in, we have adapted and refined our promotional strategies to ensure we continue to generate campaigns which gain public interest and support. In itself, the visual image of brand promotion in the form of ambassadors, and businesses getting back out into their communities, provides a real sense of assurance and excitement to the consumer. As such, utilising proactive, friendly, and knowledgeable brand ambassadors is an increasingly effective way to capitalise on the current fervour for supporting local businesses.

This month, we launched three activation campaigns for the German Doner Kebab brand, targeting locations in London, Nottingham and Loughborough. We put our personable and approachable brand ambassadors in the public eye, handing out 2-4-1 vouchers combined with delivering verbal key messages. As with all promotional strategies, the proof is in the pudding…or the doner kebab, in this case! The campaign proved to be hugely successful for the client, with a high volume of footfall entering restaurants and trying German Doner Kebab for the first time.

As the months go on, it is becoming more apparent that brands must formulate Covid-proof promotional plans which allow them to re-build networks and connect with their consumers. Monitoring ROI and having brand ambassadors undertake data capture campaigns is a fool proof way to determine which emerging trends are likely to be only momentary and short-lived, versus those which are here to stay more permanently.

The looming threat of recession also means the public are keen to see new businesses emerge, as well as existing companies kickstart back into action. By putting brand ambassadors for the German Doner Kebab franchise out on the street, we were able to generate a real sense of excitement for this new restaurant, and promote a sense of faith in, and commitment towards, supporting a new business.

All of our brand ambassadors are kitted out with full PPE – masks, gloves and hand sanitizer – and remain socially distanced throughout the campaigns. The pandemic has ushered in a general sense of uncertainty; once-mundane actions such as walking to the shops or going into town have become anxiety-inducing for lots of people. At the same time, Covid-19 has left people craving familiarity and human connection, and engaging with a friendly, professional brand ambassador is the perfect way to instil confidence in the public and associate this positive feeling with your brand.

The impact of establishing these organic connections through engaging brand ambassadors with your consumer base is evinced by a recent study which shows that 61% of people believed how a brand responds during the Covid-19 crisis largely affects whether they continued to support the brand once the crisis is over. In light of this, it is imperative to make sure that your brand continues to be seen, and has its key messages communicated through friendly and welcoming ambassadors.

At Gosh Promo UK, we carefully select each of our ambassadors, choosing specific people who embody confidence and cultivate a genuine interest in the brand they are representing. This allows us to ensure our ambassadors are a true extension of your business, effectively dispersing your brand’s image across a vast area and promoting this to thousands of people.

A trained, fully briefed and well-presented brand ambassador is the perfect way to re-introduce your brand following the lockdown hibernation period, cultivating a sense of familiarity and trust with the public. By embodying your brand’s ethos, ambassadors are able to effectively convey key messages and your call to action whilst putting a friendly human face behind this communication.

We understand the need for flexibility in these uncertain times, so we’ve made sure to implement a no cancellation fee policy in light of potential lockdowns or other restrictions. If lockdowns of any kind do occur, we will make sure to re-schedule your campaign for a time when it’s safe to go ahead, at no extra cost to you.

Whether it’s a one-off local campaign, or a nationwide long-term strategy you wish to implement, Gosh Promo UK provides highly qualified and professional brand ambassadors who are ready to get stuck in.