Bad Ideas – we sell them!


Why do our clients love our Bad Ideas?

It all started when a creative thinking session ended up continuing in the pub after work with one too many drinks.

We were coming up with a way to increase sales for a client using our Brand Ambassadors. This particular brand wanted to spread awareness of it’s new product across every major UK town and city over the space of just three days.

One of our team came up with the worst idea I’d ever heard. He said; “The brand should be like a deadly disease! Spreading from person to person, infecting them with every touch or even if you get too close to them”

We all laughed and said that was ridiculous – no client wants their brand to be thought of as a deadly disease!

Then we all took a swig of our drinks in silence and looked at each other, almost in unison we shouted; “That’s brilliant!”

It was the worst idea we’d ever heard…and we all LOVED it!

Now, obviously it took some tweaking. I would never suggest a client infects potential customers like a disease. However, the spreading ‘person to person’ concept, touching as many people as possible in just three days we used. The client loved it!

Since then, whenever we have creative meetings, or any meetings for that matter, I start the team off with the worst, unimaginable, impossible, most dreadful idea we can think of.

We work backwards from the results and more often than not our bad ideas end up beating the good ideas – hands down!

So, if you want to pay Gosh Promo UK to execute bad ideas for your brand get in touch…I never thought I’d say that out loud!!

With Promotions and Event Staff in every UK Town and City, we are ready to support you with:

Experiential Events

Public Outreach

Instore & Field Sales

Door2Door leafleting

Market Research / Data Capture


Please give me a shout if you wish to discuss 🙂


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