Work for an Amazing Company!

You want to work for an AMAZING company, everybody does.

One where the culture feels great and employees support each other. A business with innovative ways of working and pioneering systems and policies.

A brand that gets people talking, whether it’s repeat customers or just the public interested in the firm’s growth and progress.

A business that finds itself in the media for the right reasons where the team feel proud to turn up to work everyday. One where the staff are even more loyal than the customers!

Which company do you have in your mind…Apple? Google? Coke..?

The best way to get a job in an AMAZING company is to start making the one you currently work for BE AMAZING. Sorry if that wasn’t the answer you were hoping for but it’s true!

At Gosh Promo UK this is exactly what I encourage the staff to do. They all want to work for an excellent, inspiring and amazing company. Now they do – thanks to the hard work they put in.

Don’t get me wrong – we have some way to go to reach the giddy success of Apple or Google – but what we have achieved is a business where the staff are proud to come to work, fiercely loyal and passionately engaged with what we do for our clients.

They love the services we offer, they love our Brand Ambassadors, they love our clients. They love the easy wins and the difficult challenges – which are always overcome one way or another!

We have worked hard on our company values and internal reward scheme. We put serious effort in to make sure we get excellent feedback from clients. We have massively upped our training and personal development for management and staff.

I don’t need to ask my team to live and breath Gosh Promo UK as I can see and feel they already do. The same goes for our 3000+ Brand Ambassadors around the UK.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a sampling job, a flyering campaign, event staffing or market research – our BAs love working with Gosh Promo UK. They appreciate our video briefings and respect our rules and feedback deadlines. In turn they know they will be treated well, paid on time and will be recognised for great work.

We make sure our Staff, Brand Ambassadors and Event Managers feel valued and important. So, guess how they are going to make your brand feel when they represent you?

If you want to know call me direct. It would be good to explain more about how we can help your brand or service with promotional activations. We have Promotions and Event Staff in every UK Town and City.

Ollie 🙂

Gosh Promo UK

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